split w/ districts

by Regret, The Informer

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the ghost is clear. galt house. end note


released November 1, 2012

recorded by joe hendrix. mixed and mastered by tyler perryman
artwork by max pond and stephen proski



all rights reserved


Regret, The Informer Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Send in the Clouds
keep. calm before the storm. carry on your ego like a torch
not waving but drowning. in the dirt. sink before you can swim

i have learned to get a grip on the little things
press on harder than eject on a broken tape

mix me up something i can barely drink
send in the clouds. so i can float away

everything you ever wanted to know about violence
two weeks and counting. spent drinking. all alone

i put the past on the ground and watch it all disappear
don't bury me in the rain. i don't want to melt with you

there's no conceptual shark or sea i could not part
'tis the season in hell. give me a reason not to kill
Track Name: If You Have to Ask You'll Never Know
i can wake up. i can break my feet
you still won't listen to the words i have to speak
holding on to the world by a thread
dancing on top of the dead. you heard what i said

and to think i was in over my head
to not let you hold my hand
it was always us against them
you came from nowhere. i let you in
beautiful. stranger in red
your lips would be medicine
overdose. i need it the most
coming up for air. don't let me get

closer. to where i want to be
underneath the silver tree

holding my breath to speak
surrounded by adjectives and their friends
questions. marking the spot
i never want to be answered again

take a turn for the worse. you know you're wrong
for the best for the worst. just move on
to the end of the line. i feel just fine

so much nerve and yet so much to learn

give me a break. one i can fake
happiness is a joke
let's just pretend. to make amends
what are you waiting for
Track Name: I Miss Jeff
i'm running up the walls in search of you
no one else wants to hear the screams for help anymore
should have never gone outside. we let you die
cold and alone. what kills me the most i don't know

open the door. it's not your fault david
i swear to god
could have avoided this. i just want one last wish
it won't come true
the best of friends now gone to cat heaven
you were so young
into the fountain of youth i'll be chasing after you
don't wake me up

i curse the automobile's invention
the next time you see me in the street
don't heed. please run me down
and bury me next to him under that tree
willow weep
willow weep with me

you came crawling back to me. don't come crawling back again
with a thorn in your paw and this song in our hearts

what the hell happens now. so long. farewell
there must be some mistake. i swear i can't feel a thing
i missed the accident. breaking your bones
call off the ambulance. because he's never coming home
Track Name: Blame it on the Townies
sick of the talking shit. turning tricks and politics
run your mouth like a marathon. can't keep up not fast enough
lines are in the sand. no one will hold your hand
walking through hell with you i don't know what to do

for every song i've been too scared to sing
and every proper noun i've washed down the drain
fix myself up with something nice and new
because i'm bored and alone

all i ever wanted was a new set of lungs

this is my party i'll cry if i want to
this is my party i'll die if i want

me and my friends versus you and your friends
taking out the trash again
it's me and my friends. fuck you and your friends
taking out the trash again

they're taking over the town
bastards. dreamers. the great deceiver
when you think you're safe and sound
they'll find a way. they'll find a way to get you

you have no one else to blame