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released December 29, 2011



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Regret, The Informer Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Brainstorm
pass the compass or pass me out
what's the purpose. there's no purpose
i've been trying to pick apart the words
but you would rather shut me up instead

all of the gifts we've been blessed with are cursed
so i gave them all away
i was an orphan. i cried at the top of my lungs
where the fuck were you then

tell me things i don't want to hear
one thing i know for sure
i would rather raise my voice than lose it in a crowd

with open head pressed against wet pavement
let's play crack the skull. i don't care
until i suck the soft from your skin
or forecast the weather from your chapped lips

i swear i won't know how to make it out alive

and for this occasion i propose a toast
clap your hands to keep your ears out of my words
clap your hands. don't make a sound
Track Name: Put Me Back in the Time Machine
there is no room for us two
keep coming back to the presence of our past

where there are separate beds we build up broken houses
concentrate the effort-less

on a ghost in the mirror into something better
why we still believe in bad luck

is as familiar to me as the card from your spoke click
fading with the rain

and if i could touch anything would it turn to gold
or break into pieces of you. let me be the one to
write every last word you knew i would eventually say
but it all seems so contrived. tearing the wings from
still we wake in our sleep. tossing and turn the page
until the ink fades away. until the ink fades

i will punch in every clock to turn back the time

to the point where we met. it was an x
drawn on a dotted black line
shifting slumber. we slip through space
between the cracks and break every mothers' back
in contrast to what we must feel
for this the universe will end

we cannot wait for everything to go wrong

i've made the biggest mess since i was six
can't get in trouble now
i left a trail of blood for no one to clean up
and you couldn't care less about
what happens next or where do we go from here
sweetheart, this ain't 1987

but you've never had to protect anyone
Track Name: That was Then and This is Dumb
fixing apart the dust to settle our past lives
on the brink of extinction. the atlas and the hourglass
spinning earth on fingertips. calloused, bruised, and broken
it's okay, it's alright. nothing is the same. everything is fine.

hey, what's your name. write it down. i can take your cheap shots
any. sucker punch my face. i want to see your knuckles turn
red. to the color of bricks. but that was then and this is dumb

dizzied up by the weight you have pressed upon letters unread
the words get lost in the shuffle of kansas. misery
show me the state of a heart crossed out and its shape
bled dry for miles. the stains keep me company

when there's nothing left to read
i want you to bury me next to the books
i ain't talkin' about shakespeare
when there's nothing left to read
i want you to bury me next to the books
next year i'll catch you in the rye

where did you learn to write such grief
plagiarize this. i could care less
it was only a fraud from the start
then someone had to rip it off
it was us. it was always them
screaming at the top of our lungs

you let me quit
Track Name: Miss Haphazardous
how can you shake me off
like the three-legged dog that you are
perfect skin and holocaust hips
c'mon just blow me a kiss
vulnerable not to innocent
put your money where your mouth is

no more secrets to tell
yes i am going to hell
maybe i will see you there
dressed to kill

i have been trying to inch my way back to you
pushing up daisies and sending them home
on a tin can telephone
tied to by miles. do not return or else cut the chord

they laugh in the face of love
build up billboards to block out the sun
count the stars before they fall
wish to never sleep again

wake me up when i am dead

if these are the best years of our whole lives
remind me to forget them and forget you

incisions assist me to complicate the cuts
open veins. acid rain. the heart composed of lust
between words and colors and notes you were the most
nothing comes close
you are a ghost
and you are the greatest gift...

to keep on giving your body to the town
to keep on giving your body safe and sound

there's no chance of this ever happening again
there's no chance of going back. miss haphazardous