less than three

by Regret, The Informer

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xo press. stink cat


released October 12, 2012

recorded, mixed, and mastered by tyler perryman. tempe, az
artwork by max pond and stephen proski



all rights reserved


Regret, The Informer Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Tour de Franzia
this is the best and the worst idea at the same time
i told you so. i told you so

all night drives. lullabies
we could have survived on high fives
cheating death. nothingness
i just wanted to feel alive

all my friends are going deaf
there's nothing i can do for them

salt lake to earthquake
for as long as it takes
to find our way back to
no place to call home
canyons to texas
we lost our instruments
back in the midwest
and i am upset

you haven't seen nothing yet

this fiction has become
nothing more than a miracle
mile that i have to run
with no one there to cheer me on

get out of the van. i'm losing my mind
pull this thing over now

no time to stop in this town
we have to go on
Track Name: Good Morning Drug
learn to laugh still we learn to cry
crossing out hearts every one at a time
so far gone, yeah oh so what
coming down quick every thought turns to sick

she listened to the smiths and said i looked like kurt cobain
dressed up in your celebrity skin
you would be my courtney
love was a drug pulling us apart
but we fucked up, yeah we fucked up
each one of us and no it's not okay

"sing me to sleep. i don't want to wake up anymore"

with no words left in my chest
trading last breaths for cigarettes
sex on your mind. it's in your soul. out of control
what do you know about death. about rock n' roll

you are an animal
another queen in a city of thieves
you are a cannibal
ungrateful. beautiful. amphetamine
you are the maneater
get what you want but it's not what you need

say hello to the sun i've got the morning drug
sweet. bleach. intangible. dangerous it hurts so good

you can hold my hand but you can never hold my heart
stay the fuck away from me
baby, i'm a work of art

you can never hold my heart
Track Name: Sleeveless in Seattle
sleeveless in seattle
jumping from the needle
to get your attention
but you never listen

come as you are
into the sun
let the rain
wash out the blood

broken records. broken neck
broken records. cash in our checks

over the rainbow i threw crooked halos

to catch the drift from under silver tongues
collecting calls. evidence. angel dust
all my needles hit the wax. not the vein
scratch the surface. pick apart at my brain

this is when i have to go outside and play
tell your children look at me the wrong way