split w/ texas instruments. baitfish. battle royale

by Regret, The Informer

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the ghost is clear records


released January 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Regret, The Informer Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Old Newman
watch out. here comes the part when the sky caves and it falls
crashing from it's high
i've got a joke to tell you. please. kill me
narcissus. bad habits can't shake the ground
from under dancing feet
i've got a joke to tell you. please. kill me

how long can we play charades until you
guess what my name is
it's been so long since i could care less
about any of this
would you know how to fight and could you
hush. little baby. don't say a word. make this quick

you play hearts like instruments
and they're out of tune
i just can't listen to you anymore

point me in the wrong direction
the only way is through two
fucked up souls. an x for an o

what looks so good on paper gets thrown away
Track Name: Love Less
kiss me. kill me. miss me then move on
i'll still be counting the love-me-nots
over and over. not getting younger
older and older. help me forget you

i promised to not come back for
you or to fix hearts in the mud

throw them away. run for cover
now it's too late. we are disposable

...and this is ridiculous

open the envelope. it read like an epitaph
sorry i'm not sorry
is this some kind of joke. what punches can you throw
shut up. shut the fuck up

sixteen. seventeen. eighteen. all grown up
we walk alone next to no one we know
orphan. father. widow. daughter
kicked to the curb no place to call home
young and. restless. stupid. tragic
this makes me sick. this makes me sick
seventeen. eighteen. nineteen. you're dead to me
i am a lion. hear me roar

if someday we meet again on top of the world
i'd get close and push you over the edge
if someday we meet again on top of the world
i'd get close and fall in love less with you
Track Name: Family Portraits
there goes the neighborhood
it was perfect, oh so perfect
but i burned it
and it was worth it
no one here gets out alive
not if i have anything to say

i could swear on every mothers' grave
every day another give and fucking take
but i know it is better this way
living alone unclothed buried in the snow
"darling, they've killed and broken me"
i'm just not that brave anymore. giving up
we were never good enough
to impress any of them

please. answer the fucking phone
i will not leave a message
now i can see you there
wishing on every well
thanks for the memory you stole

we've got the right of passage
and we feel so damn privileged
to have the right of passage
no where to run. no where to hide

fucked with a fist raised high
my heart beats for no one and nothing
so keep your hands off my chest
as i wait for the next one to cave in
cut open these chords
leave the rest speechless

why did you let me live
how could you let me live

this is what i learned from you
this is what i learned from you
how to start a family
how to start a war

never get married. never have kids