i'm running up the walls in search of you
no one else wants to hear the screams for help anymore
should have never gone outside. we let you die
cold and alone. what kills me the most i don't know

open the door. it's not your fault david
i swear to god
could have avoided this. i just want one last wish
it won't come true
the best of friends now gone to cat heaven
you were so young
into the fountain of youth i'll be chasing after you
don't wake me up

i curse the automobile's invention
the next time you see me in the street
don't heed. please run me down
and bury me next to him under that tree
willow weep
willow weep with me

you came crawling back to me. don't come crawling back again
with a thorn in your paw and this song in our hearts

what the hell happens now. so long. farewell
there must be some mistake. i swear i can't feel a thing
i missed the accident. breaking your bones
call off the ambulance. because he's never coming home


from split w/ districts, released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Regret, The Informer Kansas City, Missouri

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